Yehor Firsov, a former MP and now a soldier of the 109th Territorial Defense Brigade, urged Ukrainians not to lose heart from failures at the front, but on the contrary, to soberly analyze the situation and draw conclusions.

He wrote about this on Facebook.

According to the ex-MP, Ukraine continues to be inferior to the enemy in almost everything: manpower, ammunition, drones.

"Almost two years of war in this regard have not led to a radical change. The Russians are learning from their mistakes and stealing our technological solutions. We are more creative, but they are able to scale our ideas and take them in numbers," says Firsov.

Motivation decreases

According to the military, earlier Ukrainians won on motivation, "but after unrealized plans for coffee in Crimea, it also falls."

"It's understandable: people are not ironclad, they get tired and they need perspective. When Crimea is first pictured as a prospect, and then 'to hold Avdiivka', it demotivates," he admits.

How to survive

According to Firsov, Ukraine relied too much on its partners, not realizing its capabilities.

Of course, tomorrow Ukraine will not build its own aircraft, will not design analogues of HIMARS. We do not have and will not have a million attack aircraft. But it is possible to produce drones many times larger than the enemy, and it is better to use them than him," says the ex-MP.

Firsov believes that now one of the most important tasks of society is to provide the army with 100 thousand soldiers. drones per month.

Yegor Firsov / Photo: Facebook/Yegor Firsov

"It is no longer enough to believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we need to effectively help them. The more drones there are, the more lives of our military are saved, the fewer new mobilized people are. But this is not only our problem! It applies to everyone. It's not the military that's losing the war, it's the countries that're losing. The problem is in the organization. We are still floundering in volunteer help. And we divide 100 drones into three brigades. At the same time, the enemy is putting everything that can kill us on stream," the soldier says.

He emphasizes that the war should again become a matter for the whole society, as it was in February-March 2022, and not just for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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