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Unknown Facts About Indian Space Research Organisation: The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) seems confident about its upcoming mission. ISRO is in the process of preparing India's first space station unit. According to ISRO, India can build its space station unit in just five years. Let us know that in October this year, the PMO released India's upcoming Space Road Map of India. After a few weeks, ISRO is confident of building India's first space station in just 5 years.

In ISRO's upcoming space roadmap, a plan is ready to complete 100 years of the country's independence (2047). In which many missions like Chandrayaan, Gaganyaan, Human Mission to the Moon (Lunar) and Moon Tourism have been planned.

In a recent interview to the Times of India, ISRO chairman S Somanath said, "We have not given the Prime Minister an over-ambitious target. 2040 is still 17 years away and it's a great time to develop technology to send humans to the moon. Let us tell you that ISRO wants to build a space station at an altitude of 2028 km to 120 km, which can keep at least three astronauts in space for some time.

After the statement of ISRO Chairman, it is estimated that if ISRO prepares the first unit of the space station by 2028, then India will build its entire space station around 2035. Explain that the PMO has set a target of 2035 to build India's own space station.

NGLV needed to launch space station

"We are very clear that the first unit of the space station will be delivered by 2028 as it is possible to do so using our current launch vehicle. Next, we will need a bigger launch vehicle, the NGLV (Next Generation Launch Vehicle). We expect the NGLV to be ready by 2034-35. It's important to build the whole station."

A big team from ISRO is working on the NGLV, the design of which has been finalised, he said. The team has also submitted a preliminary report. In which the structure of the rocket, design, technical input, where it should be done, what type of construction, etc. are told.

ISRO prepares lunar roadmap 2047

Apart from this, S Somanath told that there are many lunar missions in ISRO's roadmap for 2047. These are divided into three major phases: Technology Build-up Phase (2023-28), Lunar Reach-Out Phase (2028-40) and Lunar Base Phase (2040-47). This journey includes many other missions such as the development of new rockets, their human-rating, building the space station and more. While Chandrayaan-4, which is a sample return mission, is already in the works.

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At the same time, ISRO's Chandrayaan-5, 6 and 7 missions are planned to be launched in the 'Lunar Reach-Out Phase'. "There will be multiple unmanned lunar missions before we attempt a manned mission to the moon," Somanath said. This includes radioisotope heater units (RHUs), small devices that can provide heat through radioactive decay and other technologies to manage extreme temperature variations on the moon.

While Chandrayaan-6 plans to focus on housing construction, Chandrayaan-7 will focus on ramping up infrastructure building on the moon. The government has not given permission for any of these missions. But given the kind of aggressive Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the use of space, at least for the time being, ISRO is expected to get support.

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