Ukraine has requested new weapons from the United States, among which there are some rather expensive items. The list, which was published by Reuters journalists, contains, in particular, aircraft, drones and the latest THAAD air defense system.

How exactly this military equipment will help Ukraine defeat the Russian Federation is discussed in the Newsweek article.

"Ukraine has requested more U.S. military support as a difficult winter begins, and calls from the right wing of the Republican Party to reduce American aid to Ukraine are growing," the article says.

The agency provided a list presented by officials of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine "to meet the needs of the Defense Forces of Ukraine" during a closed meeting with government officials and heads of the defense industry. It should be noted that the list also includes weapons that Ukraine already has, or will have in the near future, namely Abrams tanks, 155-mm artillery, ATACMS missiles, F-16 fighters and drones.

Journalists of the publication asked a representative of the Pentagon about the possibility of providing new equipment, but did not receive a specific answer.

"We are in constant communication with representatives of Ukraine about its needs for security assistance. However, we are not discussing requests for systems at this time. Our support is focused on equipment relevant to the current battle," the Pentagon said.

Black Hawk helicopter / Photo: Associated Press

New Weapon List

The list includes the following new items:

"Ukraine is pushing for additional aid to close the skies in winter from Russian ballistic missile and drone attacks, Kyiv has also requested F-18s, three types of drones, including the MQ-9B Sky Guardian and the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)," Reuters reports.

Apache helicopter / Photo:

The publication notes that NATO countries are gradually expanding Ukraine's air defense, replenishing the pre-war arsenal with Soviet-era weapons.

"Kyiv is armed with a significant number of American Patriot PAC-3s and Franco-Italian Eurosam SAMP/T systems for long-range defense; the American MIM-23 HAWK, the American-Norwegian NASAMS and the German IRIS-T SLM for medium-range threats; as well as German Gepard systems and American Avenger systems at short range," the source said.

THAAD Air Defense Photo: Wikipedia

THAAD anti-missile system

The THAAD mobile ground-based anti-missile system for high-altitude extra-atmospheric interception of medium-range missiles should expand the coverage area of Ukraine's air defense. Its effective range is about 201 km, which exceeds the range of the Patriot PAC-3 missiles already in Ukraine's arsenal.

The THAAD mobile system is capable of countering short, medium and medium-range ballistic missiles.

Ukraine may receive F-18 bombers from the West / Photo: Wikipedia

F-18 fighter jets

According to Newsweek, Ukraine has already discussed the possibility of providing F-18 fighter jets, in particular, with Finland and Australia. So far, they have settled on F-16 fighters. These aircraft will help strengthen air defenses, as well as gain an advantage over the numerically superior Russian Air Force.

"At the front, Ukrainian troops have repeatedly complained about the lack of air cover, which is key to NATO doctrine, which Kyiv has been trying to implement for years. The lack of air power is one of the reasons cited by Ukrainian commanders and officials to explain their recent failed counteroffensive in the south of the country," Newsweek writes.

F-16 fighter jets / Photo: Getty Images

Both the F-16 and F-18 would improve the situation for Kyiv and modernize an air force that still relies on Soviet-era aircraft.

"The F-18 was designed for maritime use on U.S. aircraft carriers and has high maneuverability at low speeds. It has a lower top speed than the F-16 but is considered more durable, especially in salty air conditions during naval operations," experts say.

The F-18 can also operate from shorter, less complex runways. This could make it well-suited for relatively old Ukrainian Air Force bases.

Recall that military expert Petro Chernyk previously listed the types of weapons that can turn the tide of the Russian-Ukrainian war. He also talked about aviation, including F-16 fighter jets, long-range missiles, heavy bombs, electronic warfare, etc.

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