I don't do circuses, I do my job. Imagine a dentist who has to deal with several teeth - 10, 15, 28. It starts and reaches the exposed nerve, and the patient begins to jump - right now this is what is happening with the hospital. After the development of the case, it is clear that "Pirogov" is not an accidental place. I've worked there for over 10 years, but the hospital is declining and losing capacity. This was stated by the Minister of Health Hristo HinkovProf. Hristo Hinkov was born on March 25, 1953 in Sofia. On June 6, 2023, he was elected Minister of.

"The director of the medical institution is responsible for public procurement. I have data from the audit report, which says that the director has awarded 3 public procurement contracts for medical equipment over BGN 70,000 excluding VAT without having agreed with the Ministry of Health. He has placed an order for food for patients worth BGN 998,000 excluding VAT in the period 1-26 July 2022-2023 in Pirogov costs for medical supplies for BGN 1,143,316 have been incurred. Here there are issued invoices without public procurement under the Public Procurement Act even, these are serious violations, "the minister said.

Minister Hinkov: I stand behind my decision for "Pirogov", I do not fulfill a political order

Under the previous Minister of Health, a loan for BGN 34 million was concluded, there was a grace period of 24 months and repayment of the principal, with interest and fees paid amounting to BGN 51,000. When you take a loan and announce the accounting result at the moment you have taken a loan, this does not mean that the enterprise is profitable, it is decapitalized. In two years, he will have to pay between BGN 2,238 and BGN 000,251 per month – the principal of this loan, Hinkov added.

This loan will create an even more severe financial situation in Pirogov, the health minister said. There have been significant increases in hospital losses. I would also ask for a change of the board of directors of Pirogov, but it is important to identify the specific perpetrator. The Prime Minister told me that I was making my decision after seeing the audit report. Currently, the director of Pirogov is Dr. Valentin Dimitrov, revealed the Health Minister.

Hinkov announced thatin principle his resignation is demanded first by the prime minister and then voted on in parliament. "We are not going to close the hospital, but to heal it. As long as I am a minister, I will respect my obligations."

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