A serious increase in drivers driving in violation in the bus lanes in the capital reported by the Traffic Police.

Since the beginning of this year, more than 400 drivers have been punished for driving in a bus lane. Last year, the violations detected were about a hundred, Commissioner Nikolay Krusharski, Head of the Traffic Police Department at the Sofia Directorate of Interior, told BNT.

"Against the backdrop of the high traffic in Sofia, we cannot say that there are more offenders, just the control by the police is strengthened, and the cameras of Sofia Municipality are also used."

Motorcyclists want to move in the bus lanes

The violations established by the employees of Sofia Municipality are sent to the Sofia Metropolitan Directorate of Interior, they identify the owner and impose a fine on him. The penalty is for driving in a bus lane is 50 leva. According to Krusharski, fines are handed immediately and there is a fairly high collection, and drivers usually pay immediately.

More than 280,000 drivers were detected speeding in Sofia and small settlements in Sofia Municipality. Compared to 2022, the increase in fines handed down is almost double, Commissioner Krusharski explained.

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