Chan Yuen-han, Adviser to the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, said that although the election gave people a sense of "uniformity", if candidates could be allowed to question each other and create healthy competition, the public would have the desire to vote. Worried about someone causing trouble? Worried about candidates criticizing each other? It's all unfounded."

Chen Yuenhan, conference adviser of the Federation of Trade Unions. (File photo)

Chan Yuen-han: The government's artificially created atmosphere is very different from the atmosphere of candidate competition

Chan Yuen-han wrote an article in the "AM7" column today (730th), mentioning that the government has overwhelmingly publicized the District Council election, and I believe many citizens will see it, as for whether to come out is a personal choice, I believe that voters' voting intentions mainly depend on the election atmosphere, personal position, past experience and the attractiveness of candidates.

Chan Yuen-han believes that the government has made great efforts to create an electoral atmosphere this time, "but this kind of atmosphere artificially created by a third party is very different from the atmosphere created by the competition between candidates in the past." She is not referring to the competitive atmosphere created by ideological differences, but the benign competitive atmosphere created by the competition between candidates' personal abilities.

"Worried about chaos? Troublesome? Criticize each other? It's all unfounded."

In this year's District Council Election, both RTHK and the Restart Alliance have held election forums without debate sessions, in which questions will be provided to candidates in advance. Chan Yuen-han believes that although this election gives people a sense of uniformity, if it can create healthy competition among candidates, it will be helpful for the whole election, and it is recommended to hold election forums in the district to allow candidates to express their views on local issues, and also let them question each other.

Chen Wanxian bluntly said that today's stable social situation is the best time to discuss social issues rationally. Worried about someone causing trouble? Worried about candidates criticizing each other? It's all unfounded." Chan Yuen-han added that debate itself is the most basic requirement of politicians, and everyone should grow from reasonable and reasonable debates, she has watched the TV forum that has just been broadcast, and there is basically no debate session, describing that "the oratorical ability of some candidates needs to be improved...", seeing the high and low and comparison, the public has the intention to vote.

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