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The former Regional Governor of Plovdiv Danny KanazirevaLawyer Dr. Dani Kanazireva is a Bulgarian politician from Plovdiv. Married with one child. She graduated, who was also a deputy, failed to become a prosecutor.

She remained 22nd in the SJC announced competition for a total of 10 places. Kanazireva applied for a job only at the District Prosecutor's Office in Pazardzhik, where she had only one vacant position.

The lawyer, who also has a doctorate in law, passed 5.50 on the written exam and 6 - on the oral one, but for the final ranking the marks from the diploma, pippe 24 hours, are also important. Kanazireva has a total score of 4.44 and 4.67 - in the state exams. So she got away with the prosecutor's gown.

Danny Kanazireva with an excellent score on the exam for prosecutor

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Danny Kanazireva