Cyprus will invest 230m euros in the construction of a new gas pipeline. European and national funds to improve the country's water supply and promote the use of reclaimed water. This is provided by the Government River Basin Management Plan.

A total of 43 projects and measures are included in the new water plan with a deadline of implementation until 2027, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment announced.

They are aimed at water research and actions to improve its quality, implementation of infrastructure projects, information campaigns for the protection of valuable resources.

The construction of two wastewater treatment plants is financed with a total of 38m euros. euro.

With the completion of nearly 47m euros worth of projects, the company has completed nearly <>m euros in <>. Euro is expected to increase the use of reclaimed water in agriculture.

For water protection against pollution 42 million Euros are directed towards growing biocultures and eliminating herbicides.

Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean are among the most at risk of water deficits in the world due to climate change, according to a number of international studies.

The problem with existing stocks is very serious this year, as currently the dams in Cyprus are filled up to 46% of their volume, compared to 68% a year ago.

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