Since the last city council meeting, nothing has changed. There are no formal conversations. Unofficial can be held somewhere. We didn't lead. This is what Ivan Takov - chairman of BSP-Sofia and municipal councilor in the Sofia Municipal Council - said for the Bulgarian National Radio before today's fourth attempt to elect a chairman. PP-DB-SS have a negotiating team, but still do not have the leadership of their group, he added.

"We have an invitation for the end of the week to sit down again for talks with part of the group of PP-DB and SS. Of course, we will send our representatives to these talks. We have always said that this is the only way to find a solution, but I really do not see that at the moment something has changed qualitatively, that they are willing to actively solve this problem."

Takov commented on the show "Before All" on "Horizont" and the lack of a candidate from GERB for chairman of the Sofia Municipal Council.

Fourth attempt to elect a chairman of the Sofia Municipal Council

"GERB pretends to be offended by saying that they are waiting for a coalition agreement to be offered to them by the largest group, which obviously suggests that they want to sit down again on the table and govern as they govern at the national level, which we foresaw. It won't be any innovation on their part, but we really need to finally find a solution."

The BSP group is active and already has two letters to the mayor asking for a hearing of the companies "that have direct concern for the winter period in Sofia", he added.

The BSP will re-nominate its candidate for chairman of the Sofia Municipal Council and would not vote for another. The group would not support the nomination of Willy Lilkov for the post.

"It would not be acceptable at least because of the differences we have with Mr. Lilkov both in terms of memory and cultural and historical heritage. These are some of our red lines, but that's not the only problem. No one has raised this issue so far."

"We have a decision of both bureaus - both the National Council and the City Council, that Boris Bonev will not be supported by our group," he added.

According to Takov, a clear majority in the Municipal Council must first be specified and only then come to the election of a chairman.

"Since that day, we have a mandate to participate in talks on our priorities, which we have made as a commitment to the citizens of Sofia to fulfill. We will seek support for our policies and priorities. If we can find an agreement there, then we will already think yes and chairman of the City Council."

He described as "speculation" the claims of Ivan Chenchev from the BSP that Vanya Grigorova will not remain a municipal councilor for long because she is preparing for another post.

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