"The contract with Botas is unprofitable for Bulgaria. It is 13 years old and is concluded without being informed by the Energy Committee in the National Assembly, as well as the National Assembly. This contract is made in such a way that we pay for the carryover at $486,000 a day. 15 million per month. If we abandon this treaty, the penalty for Bulgaria is over 2 billion. Dollars. In this way, the Turkish state-owned company can enter the entire gas transmission network of our country and reach the EU gas transmission network. That is why there is action by the Commission on this treaty."

This was said in the show "Hello Bulgaria" on NOVA Borislav Gutsanov, MP from the parliamentary group of "BSPBhe Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is for Bulgaria".

He explained that the contract was signed within 5 days, which is ridiculously short.

"I am glad that yesterday for the first time there were actions in the National Assembly that gave the opposition the opportunity to make this Commission," he added.

According to him, it must be established who signed this contract, why this should have happened and whether there will be punishment for these actions.

He explained that there should be elections and normal governance of the country.

MEPs correct another mistake made in law two months ago

"This shameful and dangerous government for the state must go," Gutsanov said.

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