Vasundhara Raje and sitting MLA Kanwar Lal Meena during campaigning for the Rajasthan Assembly elections.

Rajasthan CM Face Race: The exercise of selecting the Chief Minister in Rajasthan is still going on. After the results were declared on December 3, a round of meetings is going on in the country's capital Delhi including Jaipur. Meanwhile, on Thursday, some newly elected BJP MLAs were accommodated in a hotel. It was said that this happened at the behest of a big BJP leader of the state to mobilize in the CM race. Hemraj Meena, father of BJP MLA Lalit Meena, who won the election from Kishanganj assembly seat in Baran district, accused Dushyant Singh, MP son of former CM Vasundhara Raje, of the alleged fencing. But now in this case, the statement of Kanwar Lal Meena, another BJP MLA who was in the resort at that time, has come out. Issuing a press note, Kanwar Lal Meena dismissed the speculation of fencing.

Kanwar Lal Meena denies fencing allegations

Kanwar Lal Meena issued a statement to the media and denied the allegations. Meena said that the allegations against him and Dushyant Singh are baseless. However, it was not immediately clear whether the other four stayed at the resort located on Sikar Road. Kanwal Lal Meena said that we are all MLAs of Jhalawar-Baran Lok Sabha constituency. After winning, MLA Lalit Meena went to the RSS and BJP office in Baran. At 6 am, we came to Jaipur from our homes in our vehicles with mutual consent and stayed in a hotel. It is mischievous to say such a thing as fencing.

On the allegations of Kishanganj MLA Lalit Meena's father Hemraj Meena, Kanwar Lal Meena said that at around 30.35 am that night, <>-<> people came to the hotel and started taking MLA Lalit Meena with them. We did not send Lalit with them as we were not acquainted. Later, when his father came, we gladly sent Lalit away.

Kanwar Lal Meena's press note issued amid speculation of fencing in Rajasthan BJP.

CP Joshi also dismissed the talk of fencing

It may be noted that speculation about 'mobilization' is being made after 5 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLAs in Rajasthan stayed together at a 'resort' in Jaipur on Tuesday. However, BJP state president CP Joshi has dismissed any such possibility. Five BJP MLAs from Kota division reportedly stayed at a resort on Sikar Road on Tuesday night, but one of them, Lalit Meena (Kishanganj), suspected that it amounted to "mobilisation" of MLAs.

MLA Lalit Meena's father claimed that his son and newly-elected MLA from Kishanganj (Baran district) has been confined there by four others. Meena was brought there on Wednesday morning after his father informed the party office in Jaipur. He alleged that MLA Kanwar Lal Meena forced him to stay at the resort saying it was a directive from Dushyant Singh.

When contacted, Lalit Meena refused to divulge details. "I have informed the party leaders about whatever happened in the night. The party is my family and this is our family affair."

Lalit Meena's father accuses Dushyant Singh

"When my MLA son spoke to me over phone, I immediately conveyed the information to the party leaders. We went to the resort where there was an altercation with Kanwar Lal Meena. When asked on whose instructions the MLAs were staying there, he said, "Kanwar Lal Meena had asked my son to stay there citing instructions from Dushyant Singh."

Kanwar Lal Meena said – accusing Dushyant Singh is a conspiracy

Late in the evening, Kanwar Lal issued a statement saying that the allegations are baseless. "The allegation made by MLA Lalit Meena's father Hemraj Meena is completely false," he said, adding that it is impossible if an MLA can be forcibly taken away without his consent. He questioned that Jhalawar-Baran is Dushyant Singh's own Lok Sabha constituency, in such a situation, who will do the 'mobilization' of MLAs.

Kanwar Lal Meena further said that MP Dushyant Singh was in Lok Sabha on that day and his presence can be seen in Lok Sabha, since then he has been in Delhi. Their location can also be seen on mobile. I did not talk to the MP during this period. He said that taking the MLA at 2.30 am and accusing Dushyant Singh ji is a conspiracy.

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