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The prime minister has boasted that he has been doing well for the past six months. Trust in the NSA is pathetically low. The amendments to the Constitution are nowhere, there is a big drama about the budget. A lot of talk was made, a lot of promises were made, but more turmoil goes up and less work is done. This was stated by Assoc. Petar Cholakov on BNT.

In his words, "the Euro-Atlantic topic the Bulgarian accepts it with a dose of skepticism"

"It is good to stick a label that makes your speech clear, but when you say 'Euro-Atlantic values', people think about all sorts of things – ala-bala, no content," says Assoc. Tatyana Burudjieva.

Journalist: The government's house is fragile, but it is maintained

"The problem is that Europe is about hoping for money. We have a big problem in forming and maintaining public opinion in our country. We have slipped on the false understanding that the easiest thing is to create the image of an enemy in order to gain trust during elections. We missed the moment as a society to work to stabilize our value system. Now he is very angry and little is understood," she said.

According to Assoc. Cholakov the fight is for the bone, and now there is a fight for regulators: "Here is the fight for the appetizing bites. The goal is to put your own person in these positions for a term of 5-7 years."

On the occasion of the amendments to the Constitution, he said: "We are in a hurry to make a good impression on foreigners. As they were in a hurry, however, they failed to make things wise."

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Ass. Tatyana Burudjieva


Ass. Petar Cholakov