There was a scandal in Semenovsky Lyceum No. 1 in the Poltava region. The teacher publicly accused the principal of the school of physical violence against children. The head of the lyceum herself says that the teacher is trying to defame her reputation.

Valentyna Holodna wrote about the incident on her Facebook page. According to her, she, as a class teacher, was approached by students of the 11th grade with a request to protect her from physical and psychological pressure from the principal.

"Not just an unfortunate, but, in my opinion, an outrageous situation occurred in our Lyceum No. 1, which has always had an excellent reputation and has been a model for other educational institutions in the region. I, as a class teacher, was approached by my 11th-graders with a request to protect them from the arbitrariness of the director of our lyceum Danube O.M. It happened recently, in the gym during a competition. Danube grabbed one student by the ear and dragged him to the door (and that's an 11th grade boy!), scolded my girls, waving her arms in front of their faces. I emphasize that all this is happening during the "16 Days Against Violence" campaign. And on paper, there will be beautiful reports on the great work done," Valentyna Holodna wrote.

The teacher added that instead of coming and apologizing to the students, the principal threatens them.

"Namely: 'Now beware', 'I won't let you go on an excursion', 'I won't sign your practice'. By education, the director of the lyceum is a psychologist. But in her practice, this is not the first example of violence against children. Last time, the authorities were silent. No one even threatened me with a finger. And now what?" says the teacher.

Valentyna Holodna wrote a statement to the local education department with a request to look into the situation.

Screenshot of the teacher's post

What the director says

The principal of the lyceum, Olena Dunay, responded to the teacher on her Facebook page. According to her, in her post, the teacher "is once again trying to defame her reputation."

"I was already 'unworthy', 'why are you coming here', 'Lukashenko'. Everyone is well aware that the position of director is not inherited, well... almost all of them. The main thing is to vividly and emotionally describe the situation that you pass off as reality. It is clear that we need to show ourselves, to intimidate children. I don't know what the guy needs to do so that he writes about the 'ear,'" the director wrote.

She added that such a post by the teacher is a manipulation.

"So why don't you write down at the same time that it was some students of your class who ignored classes at the interschool training and production complex on November 17 (Parents, how do you feel about this?) because, according to their version, they are going on an excursion to Kremenchuk at this time. I feel sorry for the children in this situation, who are so skillfully manipulated," says Olena Dunai.

Screenshot of the director's post

The Commissioner for Human Rights reacted to the scandal

The editors of the website tried to get a comment from the Department of Education, Family, Youth and Sports of the Semenivka Village Council on the situation in the lyceum, but their phone number listed on the Web does not work.

The Commissioner for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets responded to the information on the Internet about the possible fact of cruel treatment of children and violation of their rights by the director of the lyceum in Poltava region.

"Such actions of the director of the institution may indicate a violation of the child's rights to decent treatment, which is enshrined in Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified in Ukraine; Articles 28 and 52 of the Constitution of Ukraine, Article 10 of the Law of Ukraine "On Childhood Protection" and other normative legal acts. In addition, in accordance with part two of Article 54 of the Law of Ukraine "On Education", teachers are obliged to adhere to pedagogical ethics, respect the dignity, rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of all participants in the educational process," the commissioner's website said.

Now all the circumstances of the incident are being established.