A musical concert was held in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra again, which this time greatly outraged the clergy from the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and caused a scandal. The other day, the press secretary of the Vinnitsa-Bar Eparchy of the OCU, Archimandrite Sophrony Chuprina, said on his Facebook page that there was a desecration of the shrine and the organizers of this are likely to be punished by "heavenly forces".
He expressed the opinion that it is not at all appropriate to hold secular concerts where confessions and other religious sacraments have recently been held.

"Another concert of classical music was held in the ward of the Refectory Church. This is not the first case of blasphemy in a holy place. Some justify the desecration of the shrine, saying: This is not a temple, but a refectory. There's nothing wrong with that.
These are disingenuous excuses, because it's not just a refectory," Chupryna wrote. " Previously, memorial services were confessed and served there, and people prayed, but now there is a bexistence in a holy place. Instead of prayer, singing. Is there really no other place for concerts? And remember the dances of the demon-possessed virgin. The state, taking good advantage of the opportunity, seized the monastery premises and now, where prayers used to be heard, they sing, play musical instruments and dance. And the worst thing is that these people do not even realize that they will have to answer for such tricks, if not in this world, then in the future age for sure."

Screenshot from S. Chupryna's Facebook page. The representative of the OCU was outraged by the fact that a secular concert was held in the temple again.

Screenshot from S. Chupryna's Facebook page. The priest reminds that the church is a place for prayer.

In a comment for TSN.ua, Sophroniy Chuprina said that many people reacted to his posts.


There were people who thanked me for such openness, and there were also those who condemned, saying that I was against classical music. I want to say that this is my subjective point of view, it may not coincide with the points of view of other people. But I, as a clergyman, if I see any lie, a violation of God's commandments, I cannot be silent," says the archimandrite. "As a Christian, I resent this. There are many other places where concerts can be held. The Church differs from other cultural buildings in that there a person finds a dialogue with God, there nothing should distract a person from a conversation with God. Each icon is like a window to the heavenly world, every corner of the temple is covered with grace. When temples are used as concert halls, I think it's wrong. In the Refectory, where the concert took place, the sacraments of the church used to be performed. Repentance was done there, people atoned for their sins there, confessed, and prayed for the departed there. We are at war now. Instead of praying now, on the contrary, they hold some concerts. Well, there are a lot of other places for that."

According to Sophroniy Chuprina, it is possible that someone will be punished by the heavenly forces for holding a concert in the Lavra.
"There are such spiritual laws: everything that happens, everything that a person does everything has consequences. Scripture teaches that the bread that a man puts on the water, he returns. Good returns, and so does evil. Not necessarily those organizers. Perhaps for the whole country. We must take into account that we are at war. War should change the consciousness of a person and a country. If we don't change our attitude to each other, to God, then I don't know how everything can end. On the contrary, in order to focus on repentance, on correction, our churches are used for other purposes. We know that the Lord is merciful, we hope that he will forgive and have mercy on us, but there are things that are better not to do, not to provoke."

In the reserve, they talk about the exception

In the National Reserve "Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra" they say about the musical event that it was an exception.

"The wife of the Italian ambassador, who is a conductor, visited the Lavra, saw the Refectory Chamber and offered to hold a concert here. The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy invited them (musicians – Ed.). Our key strategy in terms of holding such musical events is exclusively a cappello, divine singing, church singing, which is now being revived in Ukraine. This concert was rather an exception. I will say once again that our position is not to use instruments, but live singing, which is related to church singing. We understand that people want to see more prayers and quiet singing here, but in this case, we made an exception for the foreign delegation that contacted us," the reserve's press service said in a comment for TSN.ua.

To this, the reserve added that they are of the opinion that a church choir should sound in the Lavra, and concerts can be held in open areas.

Earlier it was reported that at the beginning of the year there was a scandalous video of a concert from the Lavra in Kyiv.

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