During the "Direct Line" on December 14 with Vladimir Putin, Russians are most interested

This is stated in a poll from the Russian organization Levada Center, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reports.

According to the survey, 21% of all open-ended questions concerned the end and outcome of the war in Ukraine. In particular, the timing of the end of the war, the end of mobilization, and the possibility of peace or victory for Russia. The second and third most frequently asked questions (8% of responses each) concerned pensions and social programs.

"The poll shows that the Russian public continues to doubt the end and outcome of the war, despite the Russian government's attempts to silence anti-war rhetoric and protests prior to mobilization. The Russian public's ongoing questions about the timing of the end to the war and mobilization and the prospects for peace are consistent with recent independent Russian polls, which show that Russians are increasingly supportive of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, and show that more than half of Russian respondents believe that their country should begin peace talks with Ukraine," the report says.

U.S. analysts doubt that Putin will answer questions about the war during the Direct Line event, which is likely to "serve as the start of the 2024 presidential campaign."

The ISW also adds that Putin will focus his presidential campaign, most likely, on Russia's internal stability and increased criticism of the West.

We will remind you that earlier it was reported that Russians are massively writing letters to Putin, in which they complain about "meat assaults".

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