Russian dictator Vladimir Putin doesn't need peace, he needs war. Its goal is the extermination of Ukraine.

This was stated by the President of Poland in 1995-2005 Aleksander Kwasniewski in an interview with Radio Liberty

The prognosis is disappointing

According to Putin, he is not interested in peace. Even if the war does not bring a victorious effect, he will still want to wage it for as long as possible in order to destroy Ukraine, freeze it, bring it to starvation, to the exhaustion of human resources.

"The prognosis, in my opinion, is difficult for the coming months and years... Fatigue sets in not only in wrestling, but also in talking about Ukraine.

In many countries, news about Ukraine fades into the background, he adds, people are no longer as sensitive, vulnerable as at the beginning. In addition, it has come to the war in the Middle East, which also leads to less attention to Ukraine.

"The situation is very difficult... This war will last for years, and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will last for generations... I apologize, because this is a pessimistic assessment, but I am sincere with you – I have nothing optimistic to say," Kwasniewski concluded.