Road rage incident in Bengaluru

A strange incident of road rage has come to light in Bengaluru. A man misbehaved with four drivers and broke the glass of his car (Bengaluru Road Rage Case). A video of the incident has gone viral on social media. In the video, an angry man is seen getting down from his two-wheeler and banging the window of Khar. He not only abused the car driver but also broke the windshield of the car by picking up a stone. The incident was captured on camera by the victim, Bernard Mascarenhas, who later posted the video on his Instagram handle.

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Two-wheeler driver breaks car's glass

Bernard Mascarenhas, while describing this painful incident, claimed that the two-wheeler driver attacked his car while trying to take a U-turn. She said the youth shouted and shouted at her in Kannada before attacking her car, and also made threatening gestures at her. The incident took place near the Horamavu bridge around 22.8 pm on November 30.

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First came from wrong direction then showed anger

Mascarenhas said in the post that, "The two-wheeler rider came from the opposite direction and blindly crossed the car without any gesture. I applied the brakes hard after which we both looked at each other, after which he looked down towards the registration plate and got off his scooter showing his anger. "I didn't know there would be something in his pocket that I could have harmed if I got out," Mascarenhas wrote on Instagram.

On what happened in Bengaluru on Wednesday night, he said a local broke the windshield of his Maharashtra-registered car without any provocation. He did not get out of the car and did not react because he was recording the incident and was also concerned about his safety. Bernard Mascarenhas said that he has filed an FIR against the man who attacked his car. But this incident has shaken him. However, there has been no response from the Bengaluru Traffic Police on the viral video. The video, posted on November 23, has been viewed more than 167,000 times, with no comments.

Car glass smashed by stone

One user wrote, "I saw it from the other lane. We were wondering what he had in his hand. That broke the glass! Another user wrote, "This is funny how people react to seeing our government car. I had a problem driving in Bengaluru many years ago. A similar incident happened with my friend's KA car in Pune. They lodged a complaint and the man was arrested. Good that you didn't respond. Hope the police do their duty."

A third user wrote, "I saw it live from my car, just slanted, grey Maruti. He was completely aggressive, and I couldn't believe what I saw. I was stunned by the way the scooty driver was talking and then he broke the glass to him. Hope you are well now," is the normal behaviour of these 'chappri' people in Bangalore."

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