Oleksandra Zelenska shocked her parents with the news. The First Lady herself admitted this during an interview and said that it was very stressful for their family.

This is stated in a TSN exclusive. UA from journalist Viktoria Hnatiuk.

The president's daughter, Oleksandra, recently admitted to her parents that she already has a boyfriend. The First Lady spoke about this during an interview with The Economist.

"She met her boyfriend. First love, and now her father and I are shocked by what to do with the understanding that your little girl is no longer a little girl. So life goes on," the First Lady said.

How did the parents react and what is known about Oleksandra?

At the same time, when the First Lady of Ukraine was asked whether it was pleasant to watch her happy daughter, she replied with a smile: "But it's stressful."

Actually, Oleksandra is the eldest child of the couple, she is already 19 years old. Little is known about the president's daughter, because she does not maintain social networks and does not appear in public. The girl graduated from the Novopechersk school and, as First Lady Olena Zelenska said earlier, is studying law. And at the university where the girl studies, teachers admit that she is a conscientious student and does not consider herself better than others. By the way, before Russia attacked Ukraine in 2022, Oleksandra could be watched on social networks. The girl's photo was also published on the school's website.

And for the first time, Zelensky's daughter vividly declared herself on the show "Stir the Comedian", where she joked about her father.

Zelensky's relationship with his daughter

Then 5th-grader Sasha came as a surprise to amuse her dad and even hit the jackpot. But even looking at how Volodymyr Zelensky met his daughter, it is clear that there is a special love between them.

What do friends say about Alexandra?

The fact that Sasha is more of a daddy's daughter is also told by her friend Maria Kravets, the daughter of the star of "Kvartal 95" Olena Kravets, the girls grew up together, went on parental tours and later became classmates. And Oleksandra's own graduation from the 11th grade coincided with a full-scale war. Maria says it's hard to imagine how a friend experiences separation from her father.

Olena Zelenska with her daughter

And where are the president's children?

And how can dad now realize that his daughter is already an adult is also not an easy task, because for dads - daughters this is something special. It should be noted that Vladimir and Elena Zelensky have two children, in addition to Alexandra, there is also a 10-year-old son, Kirill. Where the President's children live during the war was of interest to all Ukrainians. Zelensky himself said on the second day of the full-scale invasion: the family did not leave the state, but it is safely hidden, as they are the number two target for the enemy - the head of state is called the first.

Zelensky about children

At that time, the whole family was forbidden to use the Internet and phones in general. And when security measures were simplified, Oleksandra still did not return to public life. Her parents talk about where she and her brother are now in short interviews. In particular, in a conversation with journalists of the German newspaper Bild, Zelensky honestly answered the question of whether he took his children out of the country during the full-scale war. Thus, according to the president, his daughter and son were and are in Ukraine, despite the war. Together with his wife, First Lady Olena Zelenska, they consider it unfair if their children were safe while others die.

"My children are in Ukraine, my son is 10 years old, and he is in Ukraine. He could have been taken abroad, but neither my wife nor I even thought about it. While other children are dying, should our children travel abroad and sunbathe on the beach? That wouldn't be fair."

What is known about Zelensky's son?

By the way, even less is known about the president's son, the son is a schoolboy. Before the full-scale invasion of Russia, he studied at one of the capital's schools. The director of the institution said that on the line or in everyday life, it does not feel that these are the president's children, but she admits that there are things that they could not afford and they are more limited than other children.

What do the Zelensky children dream about?

Now the war has changed everything. From now on, Ukrainian children do not have the opportunity to study as before, some have returned to their desks, and some still see classmates and teachers only on a computer monitor. Olena Zelenska said in an interview that their children are also adults beyond their years and admitted what her son and daughter dream of the most.

Zelensky himself spoke about non-childish conversations with his son. In one of his addresses to Ukrainians, the president admitted that now he is most interested in 10-year-old Kyrylo.

The war has changed everyone, regardless of status, many children have lost their childhood forever, and we continue to believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and know that the victory of Ukraine will bring smiles back to children and adults and allow them to enjoy life and education without missiles, drones and air raids.

To recap, Olena Zelenska also admitted to The Economist that she does not want her husband to be president. She believes that Volodymyr Zelensky, like her, needs to find something new in this life.