Ukrainian diplomatic landing on December 6 in Washington to persuade the US Congress to vote on the allocation of aid to Ukraine as soon as possible. The White House is simply outraged by the antics of its parliamentarians. Even Biden did not hold back.

The latest details of the scandal around aid to Ukraine are stated in Artem Zyabkin's exclusive TSN. UA.

Zelensky's unexpected decision

On December 5, President Zelensky was going to speak at a closed session of the US Congress. According to the American media, Ukrainian leader had to convince senators to vote for the long-awaited budget for Ukraine. But it didn't happen as expected.

According to the leader of the Democrats Chuck Schumer, at the last minute the President of Ukraine canceled the speech. Instead of the Ukrainian leader, their colleague, Democrat Mark Warner, who is well versed in Ukraine, came out to convince American parliamentarians.

So why did Zelensky's speech fail? Defense Minister Rustem Umerov was the first to comment on this. On December 6, together with the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Ruslan Stefanchuk, and the Head of the President's Office, Andriy Yermak, he are in the United States precisely to press the much-needed result for Ukraine. After a series of meetings with senators, Umerov gave an interview to FoxNews.

This publication is considered pro-Republican, and its representatives often drown for Trump. Therefore, it was an ideal platform for communicating with voters of those who will not vote for helping Ukraine. They desperately need to be convinced that Ukraine is capable of defeating Putin, and for this it needs to return all its territories.

Umerov called the successes of Ukraine

It should not be forgotten that after Russia's unsuccessful attempt to subdue Ukraine blitzkrieg, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already liberated half of the territories occupied since 2022. Ukraine continues to do this now, but little by little. In the fall of 2023, experts on the Internet argued whether the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to break through the Russian defenses in the South in this way. Umerov put an end to this – the Armed Forces of Ukraine overcame 2 out of 3 defensive lines. Currently, the state has plans for 2024.

Where was Zelensky supposed to speak?

But let's get back to Zelensky. Why did the president cancel his speech to congressmen? Umerov explained this briefly, but not very clearly. He says that the situation changes often in war. But the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States, Oksana Markarova, explained Zelensky's decision much more clearly.

It must be understood that Zelensky did not plan to arrange a grandiose or public speech. In the American Parliament, there are often closed briefings, when parliamentarians and government officials communicate and argue about certain issues. So, Zelensky was supposed to join one of these discussions. However, at the last moment, the situation changed.

"Nothing catastrophic really happened. You know, the president has spoken to Congress and is holding a number of briefings. A number of internal briefings were scheduled today, closed briefings at which Austin [U.S. Secretary of Defense – ed.] and other administration officials spoke. There was an idea in one of these several briefings to be able to get involved. Precisely because they discussed not only the issues of Ukraine, but also internal issues, that is why we did not participate today," Markarova explained.

In addition, this did not prevent Umerov, Stefanchuk and Yermak from later meeting with the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Jones. Their meeting was productive and warm, Markarova said.

However, it seems that it was not possible to convince the Republicans. And the point is not in Ukraine as such, but in the specifics of the draft law on the budget.

What prevents congressmen from supporting Ukraine?

In one document, the congressmen gathered everyone and everything they would like to finance: Ukraine, Israel, and even the Mexican border. And it is on the last question that they cannot converge. But for the sake of political hype, they do not shy away from saber-rattling the Ukrainian issue and thus blackmailing the White House and the Democrats.

But patience is running out. President Joe Biden came out with a tough statement. "We are going to get our own - financial assistance for Ukraine. Not being able to sustain Ukraine is just madness. This is contrary to the interests of the United States," he said.

Something shot in the head of another of our great friends. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that his country is not an ally of Ukraine.

"We do what we can. The same goes for almost all other allies and partners. First of all, we are not an ally of Ukraine. We are not in the same Alliance," Pistorius said.

What did the German defense minister mean?

The Germans always have everything "under the ruler". The same is true in legal matters. We are not in NATO, so we are not allies for Germany, but we are certainly close partners and friends. Well, because Berlin helps us the most in some matters, if we do not take into account the United States. In particular, they promised to provide Ukraine with 200K NATO-style artillery shells in the coming months.

But in Britain, they do not throw words, but do a friendly thing. London has promised to allocate a £29 million winter aid package to Ukraine. Yes, this is not much, as usual, but the money will go to humanitarian needs to support the most vulnerable Ukrainians, in particular for children and the elderly.

IT'S CRAZY!" Zelensky canceled his speech in the US Congress! Biden made a loud statement about Ukraine!

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