The U.S. Air Force's Special Operations Command said in a statement that authorities had found six bodies, but the operations were no longer considered a rescue because it was "unlikely" that any survivors would be found.

"Of the eight soldiers, three have been recovered, three are being recovered, and the bodies of two soldiers have yet to be found," she said.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin offered his condolences, saying the military would "continue to gather information" on the incident and conduct a "firm and in-depth investigation."

President Joe Biden said in a statement that "our entire nation is in mourning following this tragic loss."

The Osprey is capable of taking off and landing vertically like a helicopter and flying horizontally like a regular plane.

Questions are raised about the safety of the Osprey aircraft in light of the multiplicity of accidents they have suffered in recent years.

The plane crashed into the sea on Wednesday, with a crew of 8 on board, near the southern Japanese island of Yakushima while it was on a "routine training mission," and the U.S. military has about 54,<> troops deployed to Japan.

The incident comes after another Osprey military plane crashed in northern Australia in August, killing three U.S. Marines.

In 2022, four people died in Norway who were in an Osprey during a NATO exercise.

Japan has grounded its Osprey jets since Wednesday's incident and asked the U.S. military to do the same on Japanese soil as a precaution.