The odious People's Deputy from the "Servant of the People" Oleksandr Kunitsky left for Israel on a 2023-day business trip in the summer of 5, and returned 3 weeks later. During this period, he "lit up" in Florida, where his family lives.

This was established by investigative journalists of "Schemes" (Radio Liberty).

How Kunitsky crossed the border

The people's deputy crossed the border, left Ukraine on the evening of July 3, 2023, with a diplomatic passport, through the Shehyni checkpoint on the Ukrainian-Polish border. The reason was the order of the Verkhovna Rada on the official business trip of the deputy. His business trip was designed for 5 days, but he returned to Ukraine after 3 weeks. At this time, Kunitsky was spotted at the airport of the US state of Florida. At that time, Ukraine already had a ban on traveling abroad for officials during martial law without proper grounds.

The deputy did not respond to calls and messages from journalists.

What they say in the Rada

In the apparatus of the parliament, at the request of the journalist, they reported that Kunitsky's business trip lasted from July 3 to 7. He traveled to Israel as part of the activities of the parliamentary group of the Verkhovna Rada on inter-parliamentary relations with Israel, where he is a co-chairman.

The odious people's deputy submitted a report for this trip to Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk on July 11, but, as journalists found out, he had not yet been there during this period. Who initiated this trip and who from the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada approved it, the Rada did not answer.

The purpose of Kunitsky's trip, as stated in the document received by "Schemes", is "the development and strengthening of friendly relations between the countries", and among the persons with whom he met, the people's deputy indicated members of the Knesset, representatives of the Jewish community, religious communities and citizens of Ukraine who are temporarily in Israel, but the deputy did not name any names.

Journalists also draw attention to the fact that there are no mentions of such meetings in the people's deputy's social networks. And on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, information on the activities of the parliamentary group for inter-parliamentary relations with the State of Israel has not been updated since October 2021.

As "Schemes" established, Kunitsky returned to Ukraine only 15 days after the end of the dates of the official business trip, namely on the evening of July 22, 2023. The deputy entered the Ukraine through a checkpoint on the border with Poland.

"Lit up" in the US state of Florida

According to journalists, in the period of time after the end of the business trip to Israel and before returning to Ukraine, the people's deputy was spotted on July 15 by Kunitsky at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, which is located in the state of Florida.

Earlier, "Schemes" reported that members of the MP's family currently live in the United States. Dmitry Nikonov, the official assistant to deputy Kunitsky and the owner of the Kharkiv holding company for the manufacture of Autoenterprise charging stations, also lives in the state of Florida, as he himself notes on his social networks. Nikonov, according to the Border Guard Service, left Ukraine three months before the full-scale war.

Recall that in October 2023, people's deputies from the "Servant of the People" beat a guy in the center of Kyiv. They turned out to be Artem Dmytruk and Oleksandr Kunitsky.

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