The Ministry of Interior has taken all necessary measures to ensure the smooth running of the students' holiday – December 8.

The National Police General Directorate has established an organization to ensure public order and road safety for both the celebrants and the part of the people who will not participate in the student events.

Inspections for compliance with fire safety rules and norms were carried out in 515 sites – amusement, tourist and temples. This was said at a briefing by Chief Inspector Yoto Vassilev from the DGBZPN. Fire brigade officials inspected ventilation and fire extinguishing systems, evacuation plans and held talks with staff. In 58 sites, some discrepancies were found, for which appropriate measures were taken.

On the territory served by the Sofia Directorate of the Interior are established the places where celebrants are expected. Talks were held with restaurateurs, huts, hoteliers and companies involved in the security of their sites, said Commissioner Plamen Kolev, Head of the Security Police Department - SDVR.

Students will pay more for December 8

Inspector Milorad Yordanov from the "Security Police" - GDNP, pointed out that a letter has been sent to all regional directorates of the Ministry of Interior to hold meetings with owners of security companies on sites where there are expected to be celebrants, not to allow people with aggressive behavior and those carrying unregulated weapons, as well as minors unaccompanied.

Traffic police officers will monitor the prevention of violations and serious incidents, an increased police presence is ensured. If necessary, on the first and last day with the expected most intense traffic, the teams are ready to assist and regulate road traffic. There will also be intensified checks to prevent driving after alcohol and drugs, said Deputy Head of the Traffic Police Department, GDNP Commissioner Maria Boteva. She urged the celebrants to carefully inquire about the meteorological situation in the places they intend to head to with their cars, to take well-equipped, with a full tank of fuel and to check the contents of the first aid kits in their cars, the press center of the Ministry of Interior announced.

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