The Mayor of Sofia Vasil Terziev Vasil Terziev was born on June 9, 1978. He is the candidate for mayor of Sofia, nominated by the parties found that the garbage plant near the village of Yana is poorly maintained and can not work effectively.

"Waste is a resource, not a problem," Terziev said.

He said the plant was not working on its plan. His inspection found that there were problems throughout the chain.

The municipality's goal for years has been to achieve a landfill of 10% waste, but the target is far from being achieved.

Therefore, according to Terziev, it is important to draw attention to the end point, namely to the garbage plant. He instructed the new director Nikolay Savov to make a full report on the state and plan for the recovery of the enterprise, BNT reported.

Interim Director Nikolay Savov said that the poor condition of the machines, the much dust in the waste and the difficult operation of the fans lead to the fact that the treated modified waste-derived fuel can not be utilized.

Terziev: Over 30 teams worked to clear the snowfall damage

According to him, the reason for the collapse at the plant is mismanagement, poor maintenance and lack of responsibility.

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