The problems at Munich airport do not stop. After a record snowfall blocked him for days, his management is now trying to send the owners 10,000 blocked suitcases.

In addition, the flight schedule, disrupted by bad weather, has not yet been fully restored and over 100 passengers spent last night at the airport.

The suitcases are stored in a large Lufthansa hangar. They should be distributed and then sent.

In some cases, there are still suitcases in snowy planes that need to be thawed. But this also turns out to be a complicated task. Trunk trolleys, ladders and bridges of aircraft and supply cars are completely covered with snow.

More than 300 flights affected by reclosure of Munich airport

Lufthansa Chief Operating Officer Carl Brandes said: "There are currently 10,000 baggage in Munich that cannot be delivered. It is likely that their number will reach 15,000 and all of them should be forwarded to passengers," BNR reported.

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