Zakharova told reporters: "NATO member states continue to intensively arm Ukraine. "Taking into account the destruction of a large part of Ukraine's airport infrastructure, it is likely that these American fighters will be stationed outside the country, in Poland, Slovakia and Romania. Thus, NATO is getting deeper involved in the Ukrainian conflict; in fact, as we understand, it is waging a hybrid war against our country, under the slogan of saving Ukraine." Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russian air defense, based on his own experience, could shoot down all F-16 fighter jets planned to be delivered to Western media are increasingly writing that the United States and the European Union are starting to feel tired of the Ukrainian conflict, and that support for Zelensky's regime is weakening. According to NBC, U.S. and European officials are discussing with Kiev the potential consequences of peace talks with Russia, including the broad outlines of what Ukraine may have to give up in order to reach an agreement.