On December 6, ex-MP and traitor to Ukraine Ilya Kyva was found murdered in the Moscow region. Investigators are currently questioning Kiva's roommate.

Russian Telegram channels write about this.


The Russian propaganda Telegram channel Mash notes that Ilya Kiva was killed by two shots to the chest and head. Yes, he was wounded first, and finished off by the second.

"The murder was committed in a relatively deserted walking area of the suburban complex "Velich Country Club" near Moscow in the village of Suponevo. Therefore, the body of the ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was found only an hour later," the Russians write.

It is possible that Kiva's companion could lead the killer to the trail, but this version has not yet been confirmed. The woman's identity is not disclosed for her safety. Law enforcement officers are interested in whether she has recently noticed suspicious people in the propagandist's entourage.

According to the Russian telegram channel Baza, Ilya Kiva's roommate told investigators that the ex-deputy had always tried to adhere to security measures. For example, every time he went to the forest belt of the hotel to record a video. This was necessary in order to make it impossible to determine the area where he was.

"This time, Kiva could also go to the forest to record a video for his Telegram channel," the Russians say about the fatal fate of the collaborator.

Earlier, the Office of the President of Ukraine reacted to the death of Ilya Kiva and warned that there would be more such incidents on the territory of the Russian Federation.