"Let the participants not be ashamed to be in a coalition. I am talking about the ruling majority – PP-DB, GERB-UDF, DPS. Don't be ashamed to be in a coalition. As long as this majority supports the cabinet, until then we will have a coalition government," commented for bTV the President of the National Assembly Rossen JeliazkovRossen Jeliazkov was born on April 5, 1968.

"If someone doesn't get on their nerves, it's very likely that we'll go to elections. It is a matter of political wisdom, political intelligence and conversation about the future of the country. There are important challenges ahead of us. Every day, participants with weak nerves change. The important thing is to respect the agreements and to make the decisions that are taken in principle, and the partners to stand up for their word, "he said.

"The word 'crisis' means opportunity. At all times, we need to look for solutions that benefit people. Even clearing relationships and creating a mechanism for the appointment of elected bodies and regulators is a step forward," Jeliazkov added.

Rossen Jeliazkov: It is not important whether we are called an "assembly", the more important thing is what we produce

"The vote on the Constitution and the adoption of the 2024 Budget – this is the most important thing by the end of the year. It is important what will be sifted out as a result of the public discussions and what will be proposed between the first and second reading of the texts. The budget also between the first and second readings will be significantly changed. We will talk about whether I like it the moment we see the proposals," the speaker of parliament said.

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Rossen Jeliazkov