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The Israeli army announced today that it has opened "one of the largest secret arms depots" in the Gaza Strip. It is located near a hospital and school in the northern Palestinian territory, DPA reported.

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Israel-Hamas War 1199

According to the statement, hundreds of anti-tank munitions for grenade launchers, dozens of anti-tank missiles and explosive devices, long-range missiles, dozens of grenades and drones were found in the hideout. It is "one of the largest secret arms depots" ever discovered by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces storm Khan Younis in southern Gaza

Some of the weapons were destroyed on the spot, while others are still being studied by the Israeli military.

An Israeli military spokesman was quoted as saying that "all of this terrorism-related infrastructure was located in the immediate vicinity of residential buildings in the heart of civilian territory." "This is further evidence of the cynical use of civilians in the Gaza Strip as human shields by the Hamas terrorist organization," he said.

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