The District Council Ordinary Election was held on Sunday (10th). Registration for the polling arrangements at polling stations near the border closed at 5pm yesterday (12th). A total of 976 3 registrations were received, representing about 8 per cent of the 34,<> places.

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Locations of two nearby boundary polling stations (Registration and Electoral Office)

Electors who have registered to vote at nearby boundary polling stations through the online registration system will receive a notification of registration result via SMS and email confirming that their registration is successful before they can vote at the polling stations concerned. Electors can check the final polling station information at the Voters Information Enquiry System (

The Government has arranged shuttle buses between Sheung Shui Railway Station and the nearby boundary ticketing stations to facilitate local voters in the Mainland to vote (Information Services Department)

According to the Registration and Electoral Office (REO), two polling stations in the vicinity of the border have also been divided, with voters from Hong Kong Island and Kowloon districts voting at the Hong Kong Taoist Federation Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School, and New Territories Geographical Constituencies voting at the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Ka Yin Nin Prime Secondary School. The fire port authorities have arranged a shuttle bus from Sheung Shui Railway Station to the nearby border ticket station, and the shuttle bus will run every 3 minutes.

Registered electors may contact the Registration and Electoral Office at 2891 1001 for any changes in their itinerary. For details of the arrangements for polling stations at the nearest border, members of the public may visit the of the election website, email to or call the election hotline at 2891 1001 for enquiries.

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