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The Initiative Committee for the Preservation of the National Day of the Republic of Bulgaria - March 1rd sent a letter to the parties in the National Assembly and those who have passed the threshold of <>% in the last parliamentary elections.

It insists on a clear position on the national holiday and the ideas for its change, enshrined in the amendments to the Constitution of Bulgaria, which will be viewed by the National Assembly, as well as on the collection of signatures for a referendum with the question: "DO YOU AGREE THAT MARCH 3RD WILL CONTINUE TO BE THE NATIONAL HOLIDAY OF THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA?". We publish the letter without editorial intervention:


On September 21, 2023 in Sofia, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Direct Participation of Citizens in State Power and Local Self-Government, an Initiative Committee submitted to the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria a notification for organizing a petition for a National Referendum with the following question: "DO YOU AGREE THAT MARCH 3 WILL CONTINUE TO BE THE NATIONAL HOLIDAY OF THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA?"

The main motive for the establishment of the Initiative Committee is the emerging socio-political debate on the intentions to change the national holiday of the Republic of Bulgaria. This dispute brings together simultaneously the national-political identity of the state, the historical memory of the nation and the feelings of each citizen towards the Motherland and its symbols. In the recent history of Bulgaria, such a significant national issue has not been put to a general referendum with citizens. At the same time, there is enough evidence that the vast majority of Bulgarians are against such a change. The Initiative Committee is convinced that this issue so politically important and exciting every Bulgarian should be solved through the direct participation of citizens in the state power, as ordered by the Constitution and the Law on the Law on Combating Organized Crime.

Third of March will refer to the CEC, the Chairman of the National Assembly and the PRB because of sabotage of the referendum petition

In the third month of the petition, we have every reason to believe that the proposal to hold such a referendum will collect the required number of valid signatures and will be submitted for discussion and resolution by the MPs. This act of parliament will inevitably be carried out in a context of high public attention.

Therefore, we appeal to the political parties and coalitions represented in the current National Assembly or having received more than 1% of the votes in the last parliamentary elections, with an appeal to clearly and publicly express their position on the proposal to hold this referendum. We believe that this will be an indicator of the parties' real attitude towards the implementation of direct democracy in general.

The initiative committee expresses gratitude to the parties and coalitions that supported the petition. At the same time, we call on those who want the national holiday of our country to be changed not to hinder the possibility of establishing the will of the supreme sovereign – the Bulgarian people."

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