An American woman suffers from a rare disease and sneezes 12000,<> times a day.

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The schoolgirl keeps reaching for a tissue because she just can't stop sneezing. Caitlin Thornley says her strange health condition is surprisingly painful as her body is constantly preparing for the next attack – even all night long as she's still sneezing in her sleep.

At the age of 12, she suddenly began to sneeze on her way out of a clarinet lesson at her school in Texas, United States, explaining that it all started out as small bursts. Caitlin initially assumed it might have been an allergic reaction and thought it would pass soon. But this did not happen.

The girl stated that the strange problem only got worse: she sneezed up to 20 times per minute, which adds up to a whopping 12,000 times a day.

She told ABC News, "There were only a few sneezes here and there, but by the time I went to bed, I had sneezed 30 times that night."

In the weeks that followed, her sneezing fits began to last up to 15 minutes, which meant that Caitlin could barely finish a sentence. As a result, she had to leave school and give up playing the clarinet in the band due to a strange condition.

Her mum Erica Hodges said: "She can't go to school or do anything normal. She can't eat well, she has to drink. She can't drink. It affects everything."

Doctors at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston tried to understand the mysterious situation with sneezing and what caused it, but were very puzzled by this unique story.

Sharing his suspicions, Dr Mered Parnes said: "She had some funny sensation that she described in her nose and this part of her story is very characteristic of tics."

Caitlin visited six doctors when her story was made public in September 2015, and they all ruled out allergies and the presence of the virus, which baffled them. Her parents were increasingly worried about their daughter's incessant sneezing and the mysterious reason for it.

The girl's father, Travis, recalled an incident when Caitlin had an episode that lasted 45 minutes straight.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest sneezing attack lasts 976 days.

Travis said: "She screamed in pain a few times and all I can do is just hold her tight and wait for her to fall asleep. It's hard to watch."

Caitlin Thornley / Photo: screenshot from the video

But Travis and Erica were still hoping that someone would offer answers about Caitlyn's condition.

"Sometimes I want to leave my body for a while and watch me sleep," she said. "Because even in my sleep I sneeze." Her favorite music helps her to distract herself – Caitlin listens to The Beatles.

Despite the fact that eight years have passed, there has been no official information about Caitlin's condition.

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