A sniper of the Security Service of Ukraine set a world record – he eliminated the Russian occupier from a distance of 3.8 kilometers.

Read more about the skilled shooter told The Wall Street Journal.

How the shot happened

It is noted that 58-year-old former businessman and shooter-sportsman, and now a sniper of the counterintelligence unit of the Security Service of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kovalsky fired his best shot shortly before dawn on November 18.

Sniper Kovalsky, as well as his partner with a Ukrainian rifle / Photo: wsj.com

A sniper and his spotter took up a position in the Kherson region and watched as the occupiers chopped firewood on the opposite bank of the Dnieper. They were called low-priority targets.

But soon a new group of five soldiers appeared. The sniper noticed that one of them was conducting a briefing. That's how Kowalski realized that it was an officer.

The sniper and his partner calculated many elements, including wind speed, distance,and others. The first shot was false. They miscalculated the wind speed.

"You have to shoot immediately, because the wind is constantly changing," the partner told the sniper.

In the footage taken by the fighters, it can be seen that it took the bullet about nine seconds to reach its target at a distance of 3800 m. In total, the sniper sat motionless for hours in cold weather before receiving the command to fire.

According to Kovalsky, the bullet hit the Russian in the chest or abdomen of the Russian. He is sure that the soldier died. The sniper and his assistant say that they do not regret killing the occupiers at the front, because they are our enemies.

Earlier, Ukrainian sniper with the call sign "Grandfather", deputy commander of the tactical special purpose unit "Thunder" assessed the training of the Ukrainian military abroad.

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