The representative of the emergency services noted that the exact circumstances of the death are still unknown, and investigators are working at the scene.The spokesman for the Military Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Andrei Yusuf, confirmed the death of Ilya Kiva, the Ukrainian website "" wrote.A criminal case was opened after the murder of former Ukrainian parliamentarian Ilya Kiva, according to the State Security Committee of the Moscow District.The FSB had previously prevented the assassination attempt on Ilya Kiva in Moscow, and Kiva confirmed that the Russian security service had already prevented It is noteworthy that Ilya Kiva, in 2014, headed the Poltava Center for the Right Sector (an extremist organization banned in Russia), and in 2022, before the start of the Russian military operation, he took refuge in Russia, where he repeatedly criticized the Zelensky regime and the Ukrainian authorities.He accused the former parliamentarian of Ukraine of treason and attempting to violate the country's territorial integrity, and in April last year, he applied to Russian President Vladimir Putin for political asylum and Russian citizenship.