In tears, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (Hangul 김정은, Hanja 金正恩, Kim Jong-Un) is a North Korean politician, urging the country's women to have more children to compensate for the drop in the birth rate. He added that the increase in population will strengthen the country.

Stopping the decline in the birth rate and offering quality medical care and education to children are family problems that we have to solve together with our mothers, Kim Jong-un said in his speech (in Hangul 김정은, in Hanja 金正恩, in English Kim Jong-Un) was a North Korean politician during the National Meeting with Mothers on Sunday in Pyongyang.

According to data from the distant 2008, the population of North Korea was about 24 million. According to the latest information, the population of the country today amounts to about 25.7 million. People. According to the government in Pyongyang, however, the birth rate has continued to decline alarmingly over the past decade, given that North Korea's workforce is the main driver of the local economy, which is currently subject to severe international sanctions, especially from the United States.

According to South Korea's national statistics, North Korea's fertility rate was 1.79 in 2022, up from 2014.1 in 88.

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Kim Jong-unKim Jong Un (Hangul 김정은, Hanja 金正恩, English as Kim Jong-Un) is a North Korean politician, explaining that women should raise the birth rate while soaking up their tears with a white handkerchief.

According to local media, the state offers a variety of incentives for families with three or more children, including free housing, food, medicine and household goods.

| Kim Jong-un rompió a llorar mientras pedía a las mujeres norcoreanas que tuvieran más hijos.

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