Palestinians fleeing the Israeli ground offensive in the Gaza Strip arrive in Rafa on December 5, 2023. Photo: Hatem Ali/AP

The devastation caused by Israel in northern Gaza in less than seven weeks is close to that of German cities after years of bombing during World War II, according to the assessment of military analysts based on damage in urban areas.

Nearly 68 percent of structures in northern Gaza have been severely damaged, according to the outlet. Experts estimate that between 82,600 and 105,300 buildings were reduced to rubble in some areas. These figures approximate the level of destruction of German cities by the Allies. By way of comparison, the publication recalls that 59% of buildings in Dresden, 61% of those in Cologne and 75% of those in Hamburg were damaged.

"Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne... some of the worst bombings in the history of the world are remembered by their geographical names," explains Robert Pape, an American military historian. "Gaza will also go down in history as the toponym of one of the most intense conventional bombing campaigns in history," the expert adds.

Pumps weighing more than 900 kilos

As the publication points out, one of the main reasons for the large scale of destruction lies in the munitions used. Specifically, the Israeli air force posted photos on its social media accounts showing that it resorted to the use of 31-kilogram GBU-910 bombs.

ממשיכים לתקוף בכל הכוח ובכל העוצמה.

— Israeli Air Force (@IAFsite) October 11, 2023

These munitions are four times heavier than those used by U.S. troops in the battle for the Iraqi city of Mosul. Amnesty International this week called for an investigation into Israel's war crimes in connection with the use of these bombs, and called on the international community to stop supplying weapons to warring parties.

The second reason for the high level of destruction, according to military experts, lies in the speed and intensity of Israeli bombardment. In the early days of the conflict, the Israel Defense Forces dropped some 1,000 bombs a day. The newspaper compares this statistic to the U.S. bombing of Mosul, where about 600 bombs were used a day during the most intense periods.

The Israeli military has also reduced the time needed to coordinate an attack, so that troops now need less than 10 minutes to identify a target and launch an airstrike against it.

Government media in the Palestinian enclave reported that the death toll in Gaza had risen to 16,248 as of Tuesday evening. Among them are 7112,4 children and 885,7 women. Meanwhile, 600,43 people have been declared missing and 616,<> injured.

(Taken from RT)

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