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The critically low results of the international PISA test prove that Bulgarian education fails in the big task of preparing children and young people for real life.

This was stated by MP Elisaveta Belobradova from "We continue the changeKiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev presented their political project "Continuing the Change" - Democratic Bulgaria" on the air of the Bulgarian National Radio.

"Student deficits will be overcome after years of work and a broad consensus on serious reforms that are not abused for political purposes. We all need to agree that the interest of the children and young people of Bulgaria comes first. Bulgarian education should become an absolute priority in order for Bulgarian children to stay in Bulgaria, to be able to work for themselves and their loved ones, to be adequate to modern times and to be satisfied with their lives, "Belobradova said.

More than half of Bulgarian students are not adequate to solve everyday problems

The representative of "Yes, Bulgaria" added that together with his colleagues he will work for quality amendments to the Pre-school and School Education Act, as well as for a successful program for early childhood development. According to Belobradova, the program should lead to a consensus for quality work with and inclusion of the youngest children. She also pointed out good practices from Portugal and Germany, which would be applicable in our country. In particular, the Portuguese example involves a huge reform in early childhood development, which helps the youngest in their first six years to be thinking, embracing the environment and fluent in foreign languages.

"Bulgarian education must respond to the contemporary realities in which the student lives - with constant diversion, with adaptation of the material and inclusion of real life within education, with more digitalization, so that it is adequate to the way people communicate at the moment. It will take us several years, but with the financial support of the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, we will go in the right direction, "Belobradova said.

The MEP also stressed that the reform should be absolutely comprehensive and should affect not only the modernization of curricula, but also the approach of teachers, who should be adequately supported and trained in new competencies. According to Belobradova, pedagogical programs in universities for the preparation of young teachers should also be improved.

"Programs are the central element in which the ultimate goal is to set the skills of children. The problem is that the curricula are not focused on a competency model, but on studying, memorizing and solving theoretical tasks. Textbooks do not assist the student in solving, and especially aggravate things with incomprehensible texts written in a heavy and academic style. In my opinion, as Chairman of the Committee on Education and Science, there is no link in our education that is not a burden on the Bulgarian student," Belobradova concluded.

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