Ukraine needs to counter Russian technologies to overcome the problems of the war.

This was stated by Maria Berlinska, a volunteer, a member of the arms advocacy team for Ukraine in the United States, and the head of the Aerial Reconnaissance Support Center, on Radio NV.

"It is very important now to rely on maximizing the use of technologies and empowering our engineers. I want to appeal to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and say that this is a task so large-scale and strategic that it is a task at the presidential level. To create an engineering Headquarters, to gather the best engineering minds of the country. And every few weeks, so that engineers report personally to the president on specific technical problems," said Maria Berlinska.

According to the volunteer, first of all, it is necessary to counteract Russian technologies, their technologies of "swarms" of drones, automatic optical navigation, etc.

"Actually, countering their attack drones, electronic warfare, electronic reconnaissance and, at the same time, the development of their systems. This is the number one task now," Berlinska added.

The volunteer noted that Russian President Putin has taken personal control of the development of technology in Russia.

"He constantly visits technology production facilities and is constantly reported to him by the best engineers on the development of drones and the robotization of military affairs, military tasks," the volunteer added.

As previously reported, Maria Berlinska also stressed the threat of a technological turning point in the war towards Russia. According to her, the Russians are actively using and improving automated optical guidance and navigation systems

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