In its statement, MTS explained: "In accordance with the digital ecosystem, it has announced the launch of an open beta test of the new NEOM user video platform. You can participate in the test on the address or in the corresponding applications on iOS and Android, the full launch of the product is planned in 2024."According to the new platform, users can post, upload and watch videos in horizontal and vertical formats, as the application is available in the web version, as well as in the App Store and Google Play App Stores.NEOM project head Natalia Brachikova said: "According to our research, the user content market is increasing by 50-70% every year, and given the restrictions and lack of monetization on foreign platforms, we see prospects in this direction, our main task is to make the platform user-friendly, and in 2024, we will offer an advertising model and monetization scheme for content creators, but we have now opened up the possibility of financial support for authors through donations."