The world's first gigayacht promises to be larger and more extravagant than all the previous ones: it is twice as long as a football field and 24 times longer than a double-decker bus.

The Sun writes about it.

If completed, the 229-meter-long luxury superyacht Valkyrie will be known not only for its size, but also for its sleek and futuristic exterior, reminiscent of something out of a sci-fi movie.

The world's first gigayacht / Photo: Solent News

The gigayacht concept, which was created by Korean designer Chulhoon Park and sponsored by Palmer Johnson Yachts, will outshine all ships, including Jeff Bezos' superyacht, which is half the size. Bezos, Amazon's CEO and multi-billionaire, has purchased his own 127-metre yacht called Koru for £395 million. Even though the Koru is much smaller than the Valkyrie, it is still so large that it had to dock at the seaport last month because it could not fit in a private dock.

Chulhoun Park claims that when creating the Valkyrie design, he drew inspiration from deconstructivism, an architectural movement that favors curved forms over traditional ones.

The world's first gigayacht / Photo: Solent News

He said: "After seeing so many plain white yachts standing upright like wedding cakes, I decided to design a visually unique yacht that would stand out from the fleet. I was interested in manipulating the surface of the structure to create non-rectilinear shapes that distort and shift the elements of the form."

If the yacht is built, it will be available not only to the richest people in the world, but also to the general public and will be able to accommodate 52 guests in 26 cabins.

The world's first gigayacht / Photo: Solent News

Park told CNN: "Most people think of superyachts as the exclusive property of billionaires, designed to show off their wealth. However, such a hub would essentially be a floating architecture used by the public. It will allow the public to enjoy the floating space, and the owner will be able to profit from it."

The gigayacht will have a helicopter landing area, a casino, a club, a sky lounge, a beach club, restaurants, shops and theaters. It is very similar to a cruise ship, but with the ability to travel at high speeds.

The unique design, located below the waterline, will minimize drag, increase speed and improve fuel efficiency by up to 50 percent. It will also increase the space by 30%.

The world's first gigayacht / Photo: Solent News

The cost of the unusual boat is estimated at about $ 770 million.

As it is still in the planning stages, the cost of traveling on a luxury vessel remains unknown, but judging by the grandeur of the trip, it is sure to be considerable.

If the plan comes to fruition, Valkyrie will break the current superyacht size record set by Azzam, a 180-meter-long boat owned by the president of the United Arab Emirates.

Park said there was "genuine curiosity" about the project and said the gigayacht would soon be able to receive passengers.

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