After the resumption of fighting in the Gaza Strip after the seven-day truce, Israel seems determined to escalate its war and plans, despite calls for calm, a return to negotiations and the neutralization of civilians.

Civilians fleeing Israeli ground and air operations in the northern Gaza Strip, to the south of Gaza, which is now crowded with displaced people and residents and who also fear their displacement with the start of the ground operation there.

What are the goals of Israel's initiation of its ground incursion into the southern Gaza Strip?

Speaking to Sky News Arabia, former MK and head of the Emile Touma Institute for Studies, Dr. Essam Makhoul, said:

• Israel's position on its renewal of this brutal war on the Gaza Strip is clear, despite some condemnations.

• There is no clear and real goal for Israel in this war other than the displacement of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip.

• Palestinian steadfastness and the Egyptian position hindered the Israeli plan in the process of forced displacement.

• Benjamin Netanyahu's position is clear on this war, which is to sow chaos and the desire to turn Gaza into a scorched earth.

• The US administration has a role in the Israeli military operation in the southern Gaza Strip.

• Israel's statements to pursue and search for Yahya Sinwar are nothing but an excuse and a pretext to continue the war.

The only U.S. administration that has the ability to rein in Israel's crimes in this war but does not.

• Israel's efforts to implement the "decisive plan" that provides for the exploitation of this war to eliminate the Palestinian cause and prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

Former Israeli diplomat Meir Cohen told the newsroom on Sky News Arabia:

  • The adoption of the two-state solution as announced by the United States is a dangerous option for Netanyahu's coalition and could end his political path.
  • Despite the support the United States gives Israel, it wants the Netanyahu government to have a clear goal in this war in the future.
  • Netanyahu has failed to answer US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's questions about scenarios for the day after the war.
  • The Israeli public believes that this war is just and imposed as a result of the events of the seventh of October.
  • The need to eliminate Hamas to ensure the safety and security of the region.
  • Eliminating Hamas is not easy and this requires more time.
  • War has become an existential equation for Israel in the region.

For his part, former US diplomat Paul Janezik told Sky News Arabia that the United States is concerned about the end of the conflict between the Israeli and Palestinian sides, and made statements, including:

  • US Vice President Kamala Harris' remarks confirm the Biden administration's desire to find a radical solution to the conflict.
  • Both Israel and the United States made a grave mistake by calling this war the "war on terror."
  • Israel loses its propaganda and media war because it mixes civilians with Hamas during its military operations.
  • The White House fears prolonging the war.
  • Although Israel does not join NATO, it is not supported by alliances.
  • Revisit the issue of providing aid to Israel to finance the war.
  • Israel is prolonging the war, contrary to American options.