The Russians claimed to have identified two saboteurs who poisoned the occupiers in one of the military units in Simferopol. Both are natives of the peninsula who have never been distinguished by anti-Russian or pro-Ukrainian views.

This was reported by Russian Telegram channels with reference to sources in the FSB of Russia.

In occupied Simferopol, the death toll from the poisoning of the Russian military has increased to 28. Four more invaders died in hospitals.

What is known about the saboteurs who poisoned the Russian military in Crimea

The saboteurs who poisoned the enemy soldiers are natives of Crimea. One of them was born in Simferopol, the other in Saki, but lives in Simferopol. The girls are around 22 and 25 years old.


Both are pretty, "even of model appearance," which, according to FSB representatives, helped the criminals commit murder and give alcohol and poison to gullible soldiers," the Russian public said.

They added that one of the saboteurs took part in beauty contests several times. The other is the daughter of an employee of the Simferopol city administration. Her father is a "middle-class" official. The FSB has already interrogated the man, but he did not provide any valuable information.

It is also reported that the girls have never been distinguished by anti-Russian or pro-Ukrainian views. One of them often said that she was not interested in politics.

At the same time, the FSB is convinced that the poisoners are saboteurs who "have been trained for a long time to perform tasks." This assumption is supported by the fact that immediately after the poisoned alcohol and food were handed over to the occupiers, the girls ran away very quickly and professionally.

Sources in the FSB believe that the saboteurs are now "either in Ukraine or hiding somewhere, preparing new sabotage against Russia and the Russian army."

Poisoning of occupiers in Crimea – what is known

On 2 December, it became known that two saboteurs had poisoned dozens of Russian soldiers in Simferopol. The girls treated the occupiers to poisoned alcohol and food in one of the military units. As a result of the poisoning, 24 invaders were initially reported dead and 11 more injured were taken to the hospital.

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