On Wednesday, December 6, at 21:50 p.m., the premiere of the documentary project "Fort Kharkiv" about the protection of the largest frontline city will take place on the 2+2 TV channel. Despite the superiority of enemy forces, constant shelling and bombing, it was it that was able to thwart the Russian blitzkrieg.

It is reported by TSN.ua.

Project "Fort Kharkiv"

More about the project

The documentary project "Fort Kharkiv" reconstructs the key events and battles for Kharkiv in 2022, during which the Ukrainians managed to stop the Russian offensive and push back the enemy army. Viewers will hear exclusive comments from defenders, activists, volunteers, and civilians about their contribution to the defense of the city, the most dramatic moments of battles, and personal motivation to fight.

Project "Fort Kharkiv"

"First of all, the goal of our project is to tell the world about the crimes of the Russian army and show Ukrainian heroes who selflessly resisted the invaders. The facts and stories that we managed to capture during the filming once again debunk the Kremlin's myth "Kharkiv is a Russian city", which propagandists have been broadcasting for decades. At the beginning of 2022, Kharkiv proved that it is not just a Ukrainian city, it is an eastern outpost for the whole of Ukraine," the authors of the project comment.

Serhii Huzchenko, Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Head of the Kharkiv Defense Forces, Oleh Syniehubov, Head of the Kharkiv Military Administration, Oleksandr Kuts, Head of the Security Service of Ukraine in Kharkiv Oblast, and Volodymyr Tymoshko, Head of the National Police of Kharkiv Oblast, will also talk about the challenges of the first days of the invasion, planning of counteractions, and details of special operations that changed the course of the full-scale war.

Project "Fort Kharkiv"

Based on eyewitness testimonies, the project team, together with video designers, graphically simulated the course of the decisive battles for the city.

Find out what is the phenomenon of the defense of Kharkiv, how the Ukrainian military defeated the columns of the Russian occupiers, what role civilians played in the defense of the city, and what feats the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine had to go to stop the invaders in the documentary project "Fort Kharkiv".

The project was filmed by the production "Bank of Ideas" with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. Director: Volodymyr Sidko.

On the set of the project "Fort Kharkiv"

Watch the documentary project "Fort Kharkiv" on Wednesday, December 06, at 21:50 on 2+2 TV channel.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that on December 06, at 14:15 p.m., the 2+2 TV channel will show special episodes of the information and educational project "The Lost World" dedicated to Ukrainian heroes who are bringing our victory closer on the front line and in the rear. After that, at 17:15 p.m., 2+2 will air Maksym Khotilenko's documentary "Lords of the Sky" about the courage and self-sacrifice of military pilots who protect the Ukrainian sky.