In Russia, illegal immigrants and migrants who have just received Russian passports are being massively mobilized! Thousands of people are sent to the front line and immediately thrown into assaults. One of these "legionnaires" on the Zaporizhzhya front was captured by Ukrainian fighters.

See the whole truth about mobilization in the Russian Federation in Artem Zyabkin's exclusive on TSN. UA.

Nepalese in the Russian army

Ukrainian fighters managed to capture a group of "mobiks" on December 4. At first glance, it is not surprising, this is what most ordinary Russian fighters look like, but not everything is so simple. One of the prisoners is a citizen of Nepal. It is unclear what the man is talking about, because he does not know Russian. According to Ukrainian war correspondent Andriy Tsaplienko, this "tourist" was found in the Zaporozhye direction, which surprised the Ukrainian soldiers.

"I'm from Nepal. There is only 1 month and 20 days here. My visa expired, I had no money, and I joined the Russian army. I am 22 years old," he said.

A student from Nepal ended up in Ukraine

According to the Himalayan "Rambo", he studied at a Russian university. When he had no money to pay for his studies, he had to join the Russian army, where he joined the 70th Motorized Rifle Regiment. In his story, everything related to students is probably a lie or a half-truth. The fact is that he does not speak Russian and speaks English very poorly, so it is unlikely that he could enter a university, even Russian.

The sale of student visas through universities is a corrupt component of the channel of illegal migration in the post-Soviet space. That is, he is probably just an ordinary illegal immigrant.


Deceived the fool by 4 fists"

But what can be left is that he was promised "mountains of gold" in the army.

"For 1 month and 20 days, I was paid 4 thousand rubles. They promised to pay 195 thousand rubles a month, but they did not pay," the prisoner stated.

But there is one unpleasant nuance here: the legionnaire claims that he is far from the only one. In total, there are up to 5 thousand of his compatriots at the front, and this is a whole infantry brigade. There are 23 Nepalese in his unit.

The figure of more than a thousand is a clear exaggeration, but Russia seems to have found another source to replenish its army of slaves.

Later, there were other confirmations that the ruscists were actively recruiting Nepalese to the front. The other 8 citizens of Nepal signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and were taken to the base in Rostov-on-Don. With the first paycheck, these "friends of Ocean" escaped from the unit in an unknown direction. Now they are wanted by the local police.

Are "White Ladas" going to Nepal?

Nepal itself is also dissatisfied with this. According to Reuters, the authorities are asking the Russians not to mobilize Nepalese citizens, as well as to return the bodies of six dead compatriots, and most importantly, not to forget to pay compensation to the families of the fighters. You can imagine six brand new white ladas driving through the streets of Kathmandu.

Migrants are being massively mobilized in the Russian Federation

But this is just a drop in the ocean, because the ruscists really catch illegal immigrants in packs to send them to the front. Most of them are workers from Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Probably, the Vankas, who wanted to go to a foreign country to "defend their homeland", are running out, and it is still scary to grab Muscovites and St. Petersburgers. Another thing with illegal immigrants is that there is nothing to steal from them, they are already poor, and even without rights, so they are just right for a meat assault.

Raids on illegal immigrants are organized by the police with representatives of the riot police. In search of future fighters, security forces carefully check bazaars, fruit stalls and shawarma shops. If you work illegally in the Russian Federation, you are sent to a pre-trial detention center, where it is popularly explained: either you join the Russian army, or you sit in prison until you are deported. And most agree.

"Representatives of the migration service and military commissariats immediately begin to 'work' with the detainees, persuading them to serve in the Russian army. " Illegal immigrants" are intimidated with long terms of imprisonment or "being in a pre-trial detention center without considering their case." And in order to avoid punishment, they offer a way out – obtaining Russian citizenship. But now it is possible to obtain Russian citizenship only after signing an agreement on participation in the so-called special military operation," the statement said.

Russians happily hand over illegal immigrants

According to the Volnodumets telegram channel, the Rashists do not even have to wait long for reasons to do this – the residents of Muscovy themselves willingly write denunciations against migrants. Not without rubbed squalls. This is how gendarmes broke into a mosque near Moscow, where Friday prayers were taking place. People were locked in paddy wagons and taken to a medical examination.

Such raids are massive. You can find dozens of videos from all over Russia on the Internet. From Moscow to Khabarovsk. At the beginning of November, investigators from the Russian project "Vazhnye Istorii" got an official document with plans to mobilize illegal immigrants, migrants and debtors. Moreover, this is not an isolated initiative, or the know-how of a particular region, but a real Kremlin order.

"We can conclude that the Ministry of Defense alone cannot recruit the required number again. The contract is still voluntary, but it is possible to persuade or set some conditions, or make life unbearable. Therefore, a strict task has been given to the executive branch to join this recruitment and purposefully conduct it among the disadvantaged strata of migrants, debtors, that is, those who can be squinted in some way. The signing of the contract is still voluntary, but you can persuade or set some conditions, or make life unbearable," the article says.

Why do they need someone else's war?

Of course, such fighters can hardly be considered motivated or even a bit professional. However, they silently go to kill Ukrainians, not even understanding what they are actually doing.