The Ukrainian military is switching to strategic defense in some directions. This is due to the lack of necessary weapons and deteriorating weather conditions.

This was told to Channel 24 by military expert Vladislav Seleznyov.

As noted, the Ukrainian military and political leadership said that our troops are switching to strategic defense in some areas.

"The answer to this question directly depends on the resource capabilities of our defense-industrial complex and the readiness of our Western partners to transfer all the necessary components of military-technical assistance," Vladyslav Seleznyov stressed.

He also added that the speedy development of engineering and fortification structures is important for several reasons.

It should be added that such fortifications are needed in hot areas, in particular in Avdiivka. The situation there is quite threatening for Ukrainian defenders, because the enemy does not spare its manpower. It is important for our fighters to be able to retreat at any time.

It will be recalled that the occupiers are gradually advancing through the ruins of Maryinka.