Due to the blockade of the Polish border in November, the budget of Ukraine lost UAH 9.3 billion from the shortfall in customs payments.

This was announced by the chairman of the parliamentary committee on finance, tax and customs policy Danylo Hetmantsev on Tuesday, December 5.

"This is a powerful blow to our economy and our exports. Let's take the Yahodyn checkpoint, which used to let 1300,150 cars pass per day before the strike, and now it allows 40 to pass. Undoubtedly, these are the losses of carriers, this is a decrease in our exports. We have a 400% decrease in exports through the relevant checkpoints. We have a statement from carriers about losses of <> million euros in the first two weeks of this senseless blockade alone. This is a lot of money that the fighting army did not receive," he said.

Hetmantsev added that due to the strike of the Poles, Ukraine underfulfilled the plan for customs by 19%.

"By the way, these actions will also affect the income administered by the tax authorities, but there it will be somewhat delayed. As of today, we have a 19% underfulfillment of the customs plan due to such actions. This is despite the fact that the customs overfulfilled October. Therefore, the consequences of this provocation are extremely negative," he stressed.

As reported the day before in the State Border Guard Service, one of the categories of trucks began to pass on the border with Poland.

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