The Bulgarian economy is brightening at a pace that brings it closer to the average European share of 85%. According to a study by the Industrial Capital Association, over the past 12 years, 23 percent of the country's economy has come to light. The brightening index in 2022 will be presented today by the employers' organization.

The Bulgarian economy is catching up with the average European percentage of light economy, but remains far behind the leaders in the ranking the Scandinavian countries and Northern Europe. Since 2010, since the survey was conducted, the economy of our country has lightened by 23% and the share of gray has shrunk by 15%, said the Executive Director of the Association of Industrial Capital Dobrin Ivanov.

"I think that Bulgaria is unfairly pointed out as the grayest and most corrupt. Finally, I believe that the trend is towards lightening and at levels that are comparable to other European countries, "Ivanov said.

For more than 10 years, the trend has been to lighten the economy has been enduring with two interruptions since the financial crisis in 2014 and the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The Association of Industrial Capital, however, insists on more committed policies on the part of the state as well.

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