The United States says that the combination of aid to Ukraine and the protection of the border with Mexico is designed to show Americans that the United States can simultaneously support partners and solve internal issues.

This was reported by the Voice of America.

"There is nothing extraordinary here that in order to approve a certain bill, it is attached to another... This is one of the ways in which political parties influence each other to achieve their goals. And frankly, I think we need to improve the security of our border. We have more than 200,<> illegal immigrants in the last year alone," explained California Democratic Congressman Jim Costa.

At the same time, most lawmakers from the Democratic and Republican parties argue that in this way the United States is trying to put pressure on Joe Biden's administration to pay more attention to the migration crisis.

Instead, Democratic Congressman from Illinois Brad Schneider argues that the purpose of both bills is to protect the sovereignty and borders of both states.

"Just as Ukraine is fighting to defend its independence and sovereignty, it is in the interest of the United States to make sure that Ukraine's border is secure and that it is a successful democracy. In the same way, the U.S. needs to make sure that we protect our own borders and our own democracy," Schneider said.

According to Michael McCaul, a Republican congressman from Texas and chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, assistance to Ukraine in tandem with the strengthening of the US border will explain to ordinary Americans that the support of partners does not prevent them from solving their own problems at the same time.

"It's a kind of compromise. If we can get a strong package to secure our border, it will help send a signal to our people here that we can do both. There is no choice of 'either-or' here, we can not only protect our border, but also protect Ukraine," says McCaul.

It should be added that it was the Republicans in the House of Representatives who first demanded to strengthen the protection of the US border and combine this issue with assistance to Ukraine. However, now voices in support of this initiative are increasingly heard from both Senate lawmakers and Democrats in general.

Representatives of both parties emphasize that the illegal crossing of the US border with Mexico has turned into a real crisis and requires an urgent solution.

At the same time, according to the Democratic senator from Connecticut, linking Ukraine to the migration crisis in the United States is the same as "holding Ukrainian aid hostage" to a complex domestic American issue.

He stresses that Washington has not been able to carry out bipartisan immigration reform for the past 40 years.

"I think it is very unfortunate that Ukraine and its sovereignty are held hostage by a major domestic political problem of the United States. A problem that can be solved, but it will be difficult to do in the next two weeks," the senator added.

Background: News Yahoo reported that the US Congress should take action on military aid to Ukraine. If lawmakers fail to do so, there is a big risk that the money will run out by the end of this year. It is noted that Zelensky will address US senators to explain the importance of military aid.

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