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Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that due to disputes over the wind farm bill, his government's chances of winning a parliamentary vote of confidence had increased to around 20-30 percent, Poland's PAP news agency reported.

The government, which was sworn in on Nov. 27, will face the Dec. 11 vote. With the opposition controlling the Sejm, the lower house of parliament, after the Oct. 15 parliamentary elections, the government's chances of victory are seen as slim.

During a press conference on Monday, Morawiecki was asked with whom he had negotiated this week to try to get enough votes to survive the vote.

"My belief in receiving a vote of confidence in the government in the Sejm has increased over the past few days as a result of the wind farm bill," Morawiecki said. However, he added that the chance was "not great". "It is at the level of 20-30%, but it still exists," the Polish prime minister said.

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Morawiecki was referring to the opposition's proposed energy law, which covers the siting of wind farms. The prime minister said the opposition had "acted under the dictates of various foreign institutions".

The government also argues that under the law, people can be thrown off their land to make room for wind farms.

"If the Left and the Polish Peasant Party really want to sign such lobbying projects as the wind turbine bill, which is very dangerous for Poles, I think individual parliamentarians from these groups will think about whether it is not worth creating a 'Coalition on Polish Affairs' rather than a 'Coalition on Foreign Affairs' for the wind turbine bill," The Prime Minister said.

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