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Officers from the First Regional Police Department in Pleven are working to identify the perpetrator of arson of a car committed tonight. This was announced by the spokesperson of the Regional Directorate of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Pleven Mariana Tsvetkova.

She specified that at 03:05 a car parked on Georgi Kochev Boulevard in Pleven was set on fire.

Municipal radar detected a car flying at 240 km/h at the Sofia Ring Road

Arson was the cause of the fire, which destroyed an engine compartment, instrument panel and license plate. The flames were localized and extinguished by employees of the Regional Fire Safety and Civil Protection Service in Pleven.

Over the past 44 hours, 16 fires have been eliminated in the country. Of these, 10 are with direct material damage, of which <> in residential buildings, three in vehicles.

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