The University of Oxford named the slang rizz the word of the year. This slang word is used to mean something attractive.

This was reported on the university's website.

The Oxford Dictionary chose rizz as the word of the year, a term derived from the part of the word charisma ("charisma"). Rizz refers to the ability to attract someone through style, charm, or looks.

The popularity of this slang word skyrocketed in 2023. This happened after an interview with actor Tom Holland, in which he said: "I don't have a rizz at all. I have a limited rizz." In English, it sounded: "I have no rizz whatsoever, I have limited rizz."

During an open vote at the University of Oxford, situationship (informal romantic or sexual relationships) and prompt (instructions given to an artificial intelligence program).

Earlier, the compilers of the American dictionary Merriam Webster chose authentic ("authentic") as the word of 2023. The number of searches for the word has increased due to conversations about artificial intelligence.

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